Digico’s SD9 gets Supercharged

Thanks to the future proof nature of its FPGA technology, DiGiCo’s SD9 is getting an amazing boost from software / firmware upgrades that frees up more of the FPGA’s processing power.

In celebration of DiGiCo’s anniversary year, the upgrade expands the capabilities of the SD9 by a phenomenal amount. It is free to all existing SD9 owners and is also included with any SD9 console purchased up until the last day of ProLight+Sound 2012.The SD9 Supercharged has a significant expansion in Channel count, Dynamic EQs, Multiband Compressors and Matrix, and the addition of DiGiTuBes, Reorder of Busses and Multichannel inputs (formerly only available on SD7).


  • 40 Flexi Input Channels
  • 16 Flexi Busses
  • 4 Dynamic Equalisers
  • 0 DiGiTuBes & 4 Digital FX
  • 4 Multiband Compressors
  • 16 Graphic Equalisers
  • 8×8 Matrix
  • No Multi Channel Folding
  • No Reorder Busses

  • 48 Flexi Input Channels
  • 16 Flexi Busses
  • 8 Dynamic Equalisers
  • 8 DiGiTuBes & 8 Digital FX
  • 8 Multiband Compressors
  • 16 Graphic Equalisers
  • 12×8 Matrix
  • Multi Channel Folding
  • Reorder Busses
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